Test how fast your website is on Mobile & Desktop.

Find out how much time it takes to load your site from multiple locations across devices.

Webpage Speed Test

Geek Flare's speed testing tool lets you check the web page from multiple locations across devices and provide the following essential metrics instantly.

  • Time to First Byte
  • Fully loaded time
  • Page size
  • Full page screenshot
  • Number of requests
  • Request count by type

Nobody likes a slow loading website

Test from where your users are

Choose from 3 location to check your web page load time. Know how fast or slow your website is from another part of the world.

Iowa, USA

Essential testing metrics

Measure TTFB


Measure Time to First Byte received from web server to a client’s browser.

Fully Loaded

Fully Loaded

Measure the time taken to load the full web page on desktop or mobile.

Webpage Size

Page Size

Check the size of your web page. Keeping it lower is better for fast loading user experience.



Check how many requests are made to load the web page. Having too many requests will eventually increase the load time.

Content by Type

Request Count by Type

Find out a number of requests are made by content type like image, scripts, CSS, HTML, other.

Full Screenshot

Full Screenshot

Check how does your site look like on Desktop or Mobile with full page screenshot.