Test if HTTP/2 is enabled on your website.

Check if your site is taking advantage of new HTTP/2 protocol for fast loading page.

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About HTTP/2 Protocol

What is HTTP/2?

HTTP/2 is the newest version of HTTP protocol released in 2015. HTTP/2 got many features and performance advantage to make website resources load faster.

HTTP/2 is capable of loading multiple page elements in parallel over single TCP connection. It reduces the latency to serve requested content faster by doing the following.

  • HTTP headers data compression
  • Server push technologies
  • Binary protocol
  • Request prioritization

How fast is HTTP/2?

There is no concrete answer as it depends on client network speed, browser and many other factors. AKAMAI and Coudflare has demo site where you can experience latency and how fast it loads over HTTP/2 vs HTTP1.1

Since launch, HTTP/2 is already used on more than 14% of all websites.

How to implement HTTP/2?

HTTP/2 Implementation is quite straightforward and this can be configured in web servers, network devices, CDN.

You may refer this guide to configure in Apache HTTP, Nginx and LiteSpeed.

Most of the CDN provider like Cloudflare, SUCURI, Incapsula, KeyCDN has started supporting HTTP/2 so if you are using them then you can enable HTTP/2 with just one click.

Once you are done with the implementation, use this tool to find out if HTTP/2 is enabled or not.